Friday, November 8, 2013

Hellokitty Pre order limited !

Its pre order 
Estimated :2-3weeks 
Utk yg sudi menunggu sahaja :) 
price include post 


Hellokitty jean blouse .rm 88 include post seluruh malaysia

Colour:lite blue
Colour:deep blue 

Hellokitty jacket for pre order rm 88 include post Super cute Hello Kitty printed .Materials are full, exquisite workmanship, Washed Denim, quality assurance Fall so thin jacket or worn alone are Ay Size, Length 65CM, Shoulder 40CM, Bust 100CM, handmade tile measuring 1 ~ 2CM error. Order : colour :lite blue  or deep blue

Hellokitty knit cardigan.rm 88 include post seluruh malaysia

Pre order hellokitty cardigan :rm88 include post to semnjung n sabah sawk ,
.colour:grey,litecoco,pinkpeach,green .pic lite coco cardigan yg baru sampai tadi s-small xl key ..kalo xl besar boleh pkai tapi xslesa utk butang .good quality. Serious buyer email full paymnt n half deposit diterima tq love . 


Hellokitty baby cap .
rm 35include  post 

Age :0-3 month baby girl 
Hellokitty cap  for pre order rm 40include post Super cute Hello Kitty printed .. Order : colour :white

Hellokitty warm bottle .rm 59 include post

Hellokitty warm water bottle bag rm 59 include post seluruh malaysia.pre order 2-3weeks arrive .colour :pink or blue Trumpet: 500ML ● Size: Length: 21cm Width: 15cm .order 


hellokitty newborn baby infant children grasp gloves hats handkerchief mat towel 

RM 35.00 include post


 hellokitty original single Newborn Gift Set
RM 120 include post 

 Hello Kitty baby 5 suit baby clothes 
newborn baby(70/6months)
RM 180 include post 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess Bag Metal Blaky Authentic~

Click the picha =)

very the awsome :D sape tgk this "beby" memang teruje ok!

* sowi gune phone camera pic xcantik ...beg ni lagik cantik kat luar =D*

100% Authentic Guess (Black Colour with some metal)can see the picture
-Come with Dust Bag

-Used Item
-Condition very Good
-Hard To Find @ Guess Outlet

not For Fussy Buyer okiep =)

:: LET GO for RM 110 included Post


Friday, June 12, 2009



Bleh choose by number yang u all berkenan k ....

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Bleh choose by number yang u all berkenan k ....

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Bleh choose by number yang u all berkenan k ...

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LIttle Update =) Silver Pure ....925

Hello ....

Here some update lovely Necklace,Bracelet and also earing .....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Guess Tote Bag

Guess Tote Bag
Pink Colour
Used item

Rm25 including posting

~Grabbbbb Now!!!

To MamaDeana

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heart Cardigan

Cardigan with tiny Heart (Pinky)
size: free size that fits uk4- uk8 (uk10-uk14: need to unbutton it)

Used Item (Very Good Condition)
wear once to Cameron Highland

Price :RM 25 included Post =)

Grab Now!!!

Sold To Yu Long

Monday, May 18, 2009

How TO spot GUESS FAKE ?

Fake Guess Bags/Wallets are everywhere these days. Actually there are not much to tell you whether its real as unlike LV or Chanel bags, they don't come with code number & their collections are wide. You can be confused of the many Guess Models. But I will give you a bit of insights of how to spot the fakes one to avoid disappointment


  • First is the inside lining of the bag.
It should never look like these 2 photos above.. It's too unprofessional.
  • Second is the Guess Logo on the Dust Bag. It should be like this-
Just GUESS & nothing else. Like this authentic Guess Bag & Dust bag-
  • Third is the price. If its ridiculously low for a brand new bag, then you better do some research.
  • Fourth, Do not be fooled by the Guess Tags. Original Guess Tags usually have the bar code, model number & price. This is one example of a fake bag & tag-
  • Fifth, if buying Guess Wallets, the box should be red or white, with GUESS by Marciano on it, they should look like this-
Examples of Fakes Guess Box-

But whatever it is, you should always do your research before buying. They can look real but fake. From my experience, I know that the models or designs of the fake Guess Bags are unlike the authentic. Very different. Unlike LV bags & other very expensive branded bags, they don't follow closely of the designs. I would rather pay higher for an Original, rather then pay little to find out its fake.

CREDIT to by: fin1308(eBAY)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


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Knitted Cardigan
used item
Brown colour
nice condition

Rm10 included post

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